How to Fix Microphone not working in Google Chrome

If you using Chrome browser then will face this microphone problem in your google chrome browser or already faced. In this article I will give some best solution for your “Microphone not working in Google Chrome” problem. There are many methods are available to solve this issue. Some methods I am going to tell you. You can definately fix your problem with these methods.

Reasons, why Google Chrome Microphone not working on your device

These are major reasons for your Google Chrome Microphone not working on your computer or mobile.

  • Disable Microphone permission
  • Browser not updated
  • Defective Microphone

Methods to Fix Microphone not working in Google Chrome

I am going to tell you some best and easy method to fix Microphone on your mobile or Laptop. Anyone method will work for you to solve this problem.

1. Enable Microphone Permission on your Device

This is the main reason that may occur with your device. Sometimes website and applications automatiically disable microphone permission on the device. If your microphone is not working then ou should need to check setting atleast once. You can check this setting following below steps.

  • Open your chrome browser and click on “three dots”.
  • After click on three dots, you will get multiple options but you will have to click on “setting” options
  • After clicking on setting, you will redirect with new page and you have to click on “Privacy and security
  • Once you click on “Privacy and security” then you need to click on “Site setting
Microphone not working in Google Chrome
  • After clicking on “Site setting” you redirect with new page
  • Here you will get many permission options like – video, microphone, Location, etc
  • Then Click on “Microphone
  • Choose “Sites can ask to use your microphone

After enabling microphone Permission on your google chrome browser. I hope your problem will be fixed. If not fixed then try another method.

Microphone not working in Google Chrome

2. Update your Chrome

If you are using old version then you should need to update your old version. When you used old version then there are some some bug fixed in updated version. If your question is “How to update google chrome” then I will tell you steps to update your browser.

  • Open your Google chrome browser
  • Click on “Three dot
  • You will get “Setting” option on new page
  • Click on “Setting
How to Fix Microphone not working in Google Chrome
  • After clicking on “Setting” then you need to click on “About Chrome
  • If your Chrome already updated then you will get “Chrome is up to date
  • If your chrome is not up to date then update your old Chrome version

3. Restart Your PC

You can restart your PC, if this problem caused due to processor or minor glitch. Restarting your device should take care of it. If you are facing this problem due to some glitch that may happens in the system. After restarting your system, there are chances to fix this “Microphone not working in Google Chrome” Problem on your system.

4. Disable Extensions

Chrome support third party extensions then more people like using chrome. But sometimes these extensions may create problem on your device. But If you use chrome in “incognito Mode” then these extensions automatically disables in this mode. First you can try “Incognito mode”, if you are able to access microphone in this mode. Then extensins is creating problem in your device. You need to disable extension from your device.

Disable Extensions
  • Open Chrome & click on “Three dots
  • After that click on “More Tools
  • After clicking on “More Tools” you will be getting “Extensions
  • Click on “Extensions” so you will get how many extensions you are using on chrome browser.
  • Here you can disable or remove any extensions.

5. Reset Chrome Browser

If you are able to use Microphone in other browser then it is fine. Then you can reset your chrome browser itself. But remember, if you are going to reset your chrome browser then chrome remove all extensions, cache, and history from chrome. Reset means it will remove every thing from your chrome. How to reset chrome I will tell you, please follow below steps.

Google Chrome Microphone not working on your device

I hope using these methods, you are able to fix your Microphone problem in chrome browser. If your problem is fixed then enjoy your video conference, video meeting, and audio recording.

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