Realme Watch s ll 15 Days Battery Life ll 2022

Realme Watch s is a very known brand for its products. Realme manufactures smartphones, watches, Powerbank, laptops, etc. If you are planning to buy a smartwatch then you can consider a realme watch s smartwatch. Nowadays Smartwatch is becoming very popular.

There are many brands present in the market that manufactures smartwatches. Today’s young generation is very much like a smartwatch. There are many benefits to having a smartwatch. We can connect our realme smartwatch with our mobile and receive or cut the call.

Many smartwatches have GPS systems, and with the help of GPS, we can measure our activity. Smartwatches have many sensors to measure different types of activity. We can measure oxygen, heartbeat, and workout. This realme watch s battery goes up to 15 days. Realme watch s price is 4,999 on the official website.

Realme Watch s in 2022

Realme Watch s ll 15 Days ll 2022


This realme watch s is good smartwatch under 5000. Realme watch s has many features. If you are planning to buy a smartwatch under 5000 then I will suggest you this smartwatch. This is a round shape smartwatch which make this watch look premium.

The realme watch comes with two different colors like – silver and black. Realme watch s has 3.3cm touchscreen display. This display is auto brightness screen which will give comfortable viewing experience both outdoors and indoors. We will get 100+ stylish watch faces so we can change these face.

We can use any face according our choice. It has 100+faces so we can use different face for 3 months without any repeating. This screen is protect by sturdy corning Gorilla glass. Corning Gorilla glass protect screen by damage and scratches.


We can measure heart rate and oxygen level in this realme watch s. We can set these according our choice. If we want to measure heart rate and oxygen automatically or manually. Automatically measn watch monitor heart rate and blood oxygen 24×7 hours.

We can connect our smartwatch with the mobile and get all the result on the mobile application. Realme has an application for smartwatch. In applications, we can track and record activity. So any time we access the oxygen and heart rate. This realme watch s comes with IP68 water resistant. We can use this watch under water for some 30 minutes. 


The realme watch s supports the tracking of 16 different sports modes. We can use any sport mode depending on what kind of activity we are doing.

It has special modes for Cricket, badminton, Basketball, Outdoor run, outdoor cycling, rowing machine and etc. For strength training it has strength training mode. All modes information we get on the mobile application. With the help of realme link app , we will get health report on mobile.

Smart Notification

This realme smartwatch has smart notifications features. With of the help of this features we can receive notifications from mobile on realme watch.

So need to turn on smartphone to read message. Once we connect our smartwatch with our mobile so we get message and call. We can turn on all app notifications like – Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Twitter, and etc.

Other Features

With the watch we can take picture on the phone remotely. By connecting the watch to the phone, you can take photos in the phone by keeping the phone away.

We can receive or cut call through the smartwatch. You can pause and play music , switch music on your watch without take out mobile.

It has drinking remainder and find your phone features. With the help of Find your features we can find our phone. We can receive or cut call through the smartwatch. We can measure sleep with  the help of sleep monitor.

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