Top 6 Ways For Youtube to MP3 Converter

Free Youtube to MP3 Converter Online

If you are looking for Top 6 Ways For Youtube to MP3 Converter. In this article I will tell you some best platform for you on which you can convert your video into mp3 easily. There are many applications are available in on PlayStore for android. But I think online method is good for that. If you download application on your phone so app may reduce your mobile speed.

some times we like video on YouTube so we play multiple time that can use your internet data. So solution is to download that youtube video on your phone permanently. You can use any website to download youtube video in mp3 formate or Mp4. But the audio quality is depend upon how good is your video quality.

Top 6 Ways For Youtube to MP3 Converter

There are many websites that allows you to download mp3 music from youtube. Some of website has their app and extension. So below I have listed all the websites.

1. YTMP3

2. YT2MP3


4. YouTubetoMP3music

5. YT1S


1. YTMP3 Converter

YTMP3 is a website on which you can convert your yt videos to mp3 free as well as mp4 format. This is very easy to use. Here you don’t see any type of ads. So friendly interface you will get.

Steps for Youtube video song to mp3 converter and download

  • Go to on YTMP3 website
YouTube Video To MP3 Converter For Android Online
  • Paste the link of your Youtube video that you want to convert to mp3 music or type your keyword.
  • After pasting the link or your keyword, click on convert.
  • After click, You will get result. If you want to play that video then click on “Play”.
  • If You want to download youtube video , click on “Download” option
  • After click on Download button.
  • Here you will get “Download mp3” option. Click on download mp3 option and enjoy your mp3 music.

2. YT2MP3

YT2MP3 is a website which you convert your Youtube videos to mp3 online. It will provide free service and you don’t see any types of ads on this website. You can convert max 1 hour video on this website. Here we can listen to the converted mp3 file before download it.

  • First, You have to on YT2MP3 website

  • Insert your valid youtube video link that you want to convert into mp3. This is best method to convert youtube video to mp3 online.
  • Once you paste link and click on Start button. Then this site will redirect you on new page. Here you will get many options to download file.
  • Here you select your file size like – 32kb, 64kb, 128kp and 320kb. So mostly time select 128kb file size.
  • If you convert 128kb file into 320kb so only file size will increase but the audio quality will not increase. Then click on download button to download file.


ACETHINKER is an online video converter website. This is free for users and convert your file into mp3 without any kind of restriction. So you can convert file into mp3 format unlimited but you can download file 5 times every day. This website gives you best audio quality. If you are searching best youtube video to mp3 converter online then it is good for you because it is promise good downloading speed and impressive sound quality.

  • Go to ACETHINKER website using the link
  • Paste you youtube video link that you want to download into mp3 format online free. After pasting the link click on Free Download button.
  • Within few seconds, You will be redirect on new page. Here you are getting many options. For MP3 there are specific section and mp3 file quality is also there.
  • Choose any file size like – 129kb, 128kb, 192kb and 320kb. Download any file according your choice. If you go with 320kb then file size will increase but audio quality also improve.

4. YouTubetoMP3music

This is free website that can allows you for convert Youtube videos to mp3 format. There are multiple website that allow you to convert yt video into mp3 format and this is one of them. You don’t need to download any kind of app on your phone. It is free available for every one with any restrictions.

  • Go to on YouTubetoMP3music website. After that copy link of video
Top 6 Ways For Youtube to MP3 Converter
  • Paste your video link that you want to download in the box. After pasting link, click on download option.
  • After click on download option, within a second you will redirect another new page. On this page you will get multiple audio quality option. Download any item according your choice.

5. YT1S

YT1S is a online youtube video download website. You can convert your yt video to mp3 format. This is free and easy to use website. This website is fast to download youtube video or save video into mp3 or mp4 format. You can download and convert file without any limit.

  • Go onto YT1S website using click on link.
yt video to mp3
  • Paste video link that you want to convert into mp3 format and click on download button.

Top 5 YouTube Video To MP3 Converter For Android Online
  • After pasting link and click on download button then you will redirect on new page. On this page you will get multiple options. You can download your file into mp3 or mp4 format.

6. Youtube to MP3 Converter –Y2mate

This is the best method to download youtube video to mp3 songs with this website. To Convert yt video to MP3 converter is very easy nowdays because there are many online platform on which you can do that thing. In this article I have already told you many methods for you. Using Y2MATE website , you can convert your youtube video into mp3 format. This is a free website and you will see any ads on this website.

  • First method, go to on Y2MATE website
Youtube to MP3 Converter -- Download
  • Select Your youtube video and copy link.
  • Paste your video link.
  • After pasting your link, click on start button.
  • You will different options quality wise and download your file 

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